House Extensions and Garage Conversions in Ascot | Our Building Company's Tips on Preparing Your Home for Renovations

Deciding to have any form of home refurbishment or renovation work at your home or premises can be daunting. The results will undoubtedly be worth it, but sometimes, the journey can seem like there’s no end in sight. As a professional building company, we’ve completed our fair share of major reworks and understand how frustrating and overwhelming these projects can become. 

Serving Ascot and the surrounding areas throughout Berkshire, Zimco Ltd is highly regarded as a forerunner in a wide range of building services, including house extensions, garage conversions, loft conversions, garden rooms, hard landscaping, and new fence installations. Our experienced builders share over 50 years of experience in construction and sustainable solutions. What makes us stand out from the crowd, however, is our assurance that we’ll strive to deliver a service which runs as smoothly as possible.

Advice From the Experts

Here, Zimco offers advice based on our building company’s previous projects that may make your home refurbishments and renovations a little easier.

Store Your Valuables

Any items of value or materials you know you won’t need for the foreseeable future should be labelled and packed away safely. For our clients who are having loft or garage conversions, perhaps a shed may suffice. Alternatively, arrange with a relative or neighbour to store your possessions at their properties instead.

Pets and Children

For fear of injury, family pets need to be kept away from major renovation works. We suggest boarding kennels or a cattery if it’s not possible for family or friends to take care of them. Noisy disruptions and builders on site may also inconvenience younger children or students, so alternative after-school arrangements may suit short term.

Around the House

Close up any rooms which won’t be affected by house extensions or major renovations. This will keep dust levels to a minimum. If larger pieces of furniture can’t be moved, ensure they remain securely covered with dust sheets. For clients in Ascot having loft conversions carried out, we suggest covering the hall, stairs, and landing with suitable plastics.

Garden Areas

If you’re availing of our garden rooms, hard landscaping, and new fence installations, then the interior of your property will be fine. For garden room refurbishments, empty the contents and take the opportunity to decide whether you need to keep everything you have stored in there. This is an ideal time to donate or dump.

Mood Board

Our top tip. Renovations can be stressful but having an image of what the finished results will look like close to hand is an easy way to get you through those moments when you begin to wonder why you agreed to all the upheaval in the first place.  Keep looking at it, and believe that our team at Zimco will get you there. 

Talk to us if you’re looking for a building company in Ascot that can bring you sustainable building solutions with top-quality results. Our builders offer the following home improvement services:

  • House Extensions

  • Home Renovations

  • Home Refurbishments

  • Garage Conversions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Garden Rooms

  • Hard Landscaping

  • New Fence Installations

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